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A shower of prizes in Uuesalu

The functional single-family private house in Uuesalu, built by Everaus Kinnisvara, was awarded the title ‘Kaunis Kodu 2021’ (Beautiful Home 2021). In addition, two homes in the Uuesalu Home complex were awarded special prizes.

As a developer, our goal is to offer integrated solutions. We pay great attention to the buildings’ architecture and make sure that the exteriors and interiors form a holistic modern whole. It is gratifying to see that our creations are valued and maintained by home buyers when designing and landscaping their gardens.

It is also great to see that this is noticed and appreciated. This was the second time that the grand prize was awarded to a home in Uuesalu in a home competition. In 2018 a home in Uuesalu was awarded the title ‘Kauneim moodne kodu’ (Most Beautiful Modern Home).

Home buyers’ appreciation and the public’s recognition are motivating. We will continue building architecturally unique homes with great enthusiasm. Congratulations to the winners!

*Photos of the winning homes: Helis Mahmastol