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Delfi Moodne Kodu: Have no space? Here are storage service providers you can trust

There are often moments in life when you need to make a little extra space at home or in the office, either short-term or for a longer period. In moments like these, we want to be sure that our belongings are well kept and in a secure place. Here you can see the most modern and convenient solutions in the world of mini-warehouses. → Read more

Video: Margus uses Everaus mini-warehouses almost every day

Renting mini-warehouses, which started in America, has been well received by Estonians, and the 2–7.5 m² storage units are used by both private individuals and companies – including Margus, who uses Everaus mini-warehouses almost every day. → Read more

Janar Muttik: Is expecting a real estate price shock justified? 10 reasons why a drastic price drop is unlikely.

While 2022 was good overall for the real estate sector, market demand started to decline in the third quarter and at the end of the year, autumn brought with it a pre-ice age cold spell, with market activity falling by a third. The wintry cold spell will certainly continue in both the first and second quarter of the year, but the economy should start to recover in summer. However, there is no reason to hope for a rapid recovery. Rather, the situation will stabilise in the second half of the year and in 2024 we will start to see signs of activation in the general economy and the real estate market. → Read more

Registration for Kangru Homes has begun!

Detached houses and first-class terraced houses will soon be on sale in the esteemed Kangru residential area, shaded by tall trees. Registration is open! → Read more

Video: Keila Home – a home that starts further than at the front door

Keila Home offers a well-rounded living environment. The apartment buildings with outstanding architecture, a spacious layout, premium interior finish and energy efficiency class A have a landscaped outdoor area with ample seating and an abundant orchard and herb garden. → Read more

Kinnisvarauudised.ee: The exterior space is as much a part of home as the interior space

Home buyers expect more and more integrity from real estate developers: in addition to the interior spaces, the exterior space – the landscape surrounding the home – must also be thoughtfully designed. A complete and user-friendly living environment is becoming a new standard. ‘This is also what the local municipality expects from the developer,’ Raadius Arhitektid, Everaus Kinnisvara and Merko jointly note. → Read more

Everaus Kinnisvara wishes you a wonderful Christmas season with your loved ones!

Christmas is a time for giving. This year, Everaus Kinnisvara decided to give up traditional Christmas presents and support the non-profit organisation Naerata Ometi with building materials.The materials will be used for renovating the homes of children with health issues and families in need. → Read more

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