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Äripäev: Everaus Kinnisvara, a new entrant in the commercial real estate sector, has opened the largest contact-free micro storage complex in Estonia.

Everaus Kinnisvara, which until now has mainly been involved in residential real estate development, is making a strong entry into the commercial real estate sector and has opened Estonia’s largest contact-free micro storage complex in Peetri, near Tallinn.

A year ago, the well-known developer of the Uuesalu Home, Lagedi Home and Keila Home residential areas opened a commercial building in Peetri, Reti tee, with attractive stock office rental units primarily designed with the needs of small enterprises in mind. Another similar commercial building will open next autumn in Peetri, on Vana-Tartu highway. A further large development of around 15 ha, comprising both residential and commercial real estate, is in the planning process in Peetri.

This year, Everaus Kinnisvara’s commercial real estate portfolio increased by 335 micro storage units. The micro storage units in Peetri, ranging anywhere from 2 to 7.5 m² in size, are suitable for private individuals and small businesses. The warm and clean micro storage units are suitable for storing anything that would otherwise be stored in a storage room, garage or shed (seasonal hobby equipment, gardening supplies, tools, ‘just in case’ items kept in moving boxes, etc.), as well as smaller quantities of business goods and promotional items (advertising banners, exhibition stands, etc.). The micro storage units are located on three floors. A lift is provided for convenient movement between the floors.


‘I dare say that our micro storage complex is extremely user-friendly, as the service is convenient, fast and contact-free. A micro storage unit can be rented online in minutes from the comfort of your home or office, or with a smart device on site. There is no need to meet the customer to hand over keys, smart cards, codes, etc., as the front door of the warehouse opens with a mobile phone call and the door of the micro storage unit can be locked with a personal padlock, which can be purchased from us on our website. The purchased padlock can be picked up quickly and conveniently at the warehouse’s parcel terminal. The warehouse is warm, clean and in a safe location to ensure a pleasant experience for the user,’ claims Janar Muttik, CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara.

Everaus micro storage units are located in a densely populated and safe residential and commercial area. The warehouse is equipped with security cameras and access is restricted to users with a validated phone number. Security is further ensured by a personal padlock, the keys to which are only available to the customer.

Everaus Kinnisvara builds residential and commercial environments with holistic architecture. The developer manages all phases of property development to ensure the highest quality: planning, design, construction and sales. They also act as general contractor for the construction. The founder and CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara is Janar Muttik, and shareholders include the investor and author of ‘Rikkaks saamise õpik’ (Textbook to Getting Rich) Jaak Roosaare.

*Source: Äripäev