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Delfi Moodne Kodu: Have no space? Here are storage service providers you can trust

There are often moments in life when you need to make a little extra space at home or in the office, either short-term or for a longer period. In moments like these, we want to be sure that our belongings are well kept and in a secure place. Here you can see the most modern and convenient solutions in the world of mini-warehouses.

In the Everaus warehouse complex located in Peetri, you can find 335 warm and secure storage units sized 2–7.5 m2, which can be rented flexibly based on an indefinite or a fixed-term contract (1–12 months). Renting a storage unit in the largest contactless mini-warehouse complex is quick and convenient – it takes just a few minutes to sign a contract on a computer or smart device from the comfort of your home or office. You also do not need to meet anyone to receive the keys or key card, because after signing the contract, you can use your phone to automatically open the warehouse. The door of your chosen storage unit can be locked with a padlock, which you can either take with you or purchase on the mini-warehouses website when placing the order. In the latter case, the padlock will be waiting for you in the parcel machine in front of the building.

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