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Everaus Kinnisvara is building a new residential quarter in Rae parish

Everaus Kinnisvara is building a new residential quarter called Kindluse Home in Järveküla, Rae Parish. Nearly 170 terraced houses, semi-detached houses and private houses will be erected. Registration of pre-applications for the new residential development has started and construction of the first phase of infrastructure will begin as early as this summer.

According to Janar Muttik, founder and CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara, engineering and design work is currently underway for the Kindluse development. ‘Construction of the infrastructure for the Kindluse development, located next to Kindluse School in Järveküla, will begin in the second half of this year,’ says Muttik, revealing some of the company’s plans. ‘In Järveküla, we are creating homes that reflect our commitment to energy efficiency, modern architecture, and well-thought-out designs, all set within a comprehensively developed environment. These residences are designed to cater to a wide range of needs, from families looking to expand, to those with children, and people who have embraced the role of grandparents.

Almost 170 new energy-efficient homes with geothermal heating will be built on the 21-hectare Kindluse Home development site. Everaus Kinnisvara believes in the importance of offering functional solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Hence, customers have the flexibility to select from a variety of house types, sizes, and layouts.

‘In the Kindluse Home residential area, terraced houses, semi-detached houses and one- and two-storey private houses of 110–190 square metres will be built. Future residents will be able to choose between layouts with 3 and 4 bedrooms,’ explains Muttik. ‘In addition to ready-made solutions, we also sell undeveloped plots for building private homes. To date, we have already concluded land sales with 10 customers, which shows how much potential and value the area has to offer,’ Muttik adds.

Kindluse Home is Everaus Kinnisvara’s fourth major development in Rae Parish. ‘This is a valuable area that is only a 15-minute drive from the city centre and where everything you need, from schools and kindergartens to sports facilities, is within walking distance,’ claims Muttik. He further highlights that good infrastructure, a developing environment and a youthful community are key factors that appeal to both developers and customers in Rae Parish.

The first phase of Kindluse Home will provide housing for 36 households. This entails six terraced houses with 24 apartments and six semi-detached houses with 12 apartments. Registration for pre-applications is now open on the development’s website. The first homes will be ready for moving in by the end of 2025.