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Video: Kardo uses a mini-warehouse with his entire family

Kardo has been using an Everaus mini-warehouse since the autumn of 2021 to store both personal items and the merchandise of his online sporting goods store.

‘The need for a storage unit arose after I moved,’ says Kardo. ‘Our previous home had a garage where I stored personal items as well as the goods of my small online store. Unfortunately, our new home came with only a 2.5 m² pantry, which was not nearly enough. Everaus mini-warehouses have a simple and logical concept – you use your phone to access the building, you can drive your car right up to the door and access your unit with a key. My entire family goes to the storage unit from time to time.’

If the storage space in your home is too small or you need extra space to store your company’s belongings, try Everaus mini-warehouses. It takes just a few minutes to sign a contract on your computer or smart device, after which you can immediately start using the mini-warehouse.