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Why are micro storage units a growing trend and when might you need one?

What does the cafe racer motorbike in the picture have to do with micro storage? Quite a lot. Both
have their roots in the early 1960s – one in England, the other in the USA. Another connection is
that micro storage units are, among other things, a good place for motorcyclists to store their
bikes and other equipment. What else are micro storage units used for and why is this a growing

‘Indeed, micro storage units have their origin in the USA and have been successfully spreading to
Europe over the last couple of decades, particularly in England which is the birthplace of the cafe
racer,’ Janar Muttik, CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara, notes in regard to micro storage solutions. In
Muttik’s understanding, the demand for micro storage units is dictated by urbanisation and rising
living standards, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘Families fed up with the domestic routine have bought more hobby equipment and home gardening
supplies, but there is not enough space at home to store it all. Meanwhile, unwanted items have
started to pile up in nooks and crannies, as space is also needed for a home office,’ claims Muttik,
adding that businesses too have become interested in micro storage. ‘A micro storage unit is the
best solution for a business whose office space needs have temporarily or permanently changed, but
whose goods and business supplies still need to be stored. It is also a great solution for enterprises
whose goods are forced out of the home office due to the rise of e-commerce.’

‘Market growth is boosted by the sector’s technological advances, which allow micro storage units to
be rented and operated contact-free using smart devices. Online booking and payment, self-service
kiosks, automated access and virtual tours are keywords in the sector,’ adds Muttik. ‘A modern
warehouse complex is clean, warm and ventilated and is located in a safe place that feels
comfortable to visit even during the late hours. All the above favour the use of micro storage,’
concludes Muttik.

7 situations when you should consider using micro storage

Home renovation
Painting ceilings, sanding floors and wallpapering takes up space and creates a lot of mess. A micro
storage unit provides a temporary shelter for your furniture and decor while you renovate. Once the
renovation is finished, your furniture and decor can return clean and intact.

Moving into a new home
Moving from your old home to a new one can be daunting. Finishing or furnishing your new home
may be delayed and your belongings may need to be stored somewhere else, e.g. a micro storage

Changed relationship status
When a relationship ends, one partner has to move out of the shared home and find somewhere
else to live. The new home, however, may not be big enough or may already be furnished, so quickly
finding storage for personal belongings is essential. A micro storage unit is the answer. A micro
storage unit is also a great solution in the opposite case – when you find a partner and move in
together, but your shared home is not big enough or is already furnished.

Seasonal equipment gets in the way
You will not need ski equipment, skis or sledges in the summer, the same way you do not need
gardening tools, bicycles, motorbikes or hiking gear in the winter, which means that off-season
equipment is in the way at home. Micro storage units allow you to store seasonal equipment when
you are not using it.

Hobbies no longer fit in your home
We all have hobbies and often more than one – some of us play golf, some surf, some collect model
cars, some dolls. What if at some point there is no more room for a hobby in your home? You
certainly do not have to give up a hobby just because you lack space – you can store your belongings
in a micro storage unit.

You simply run out of space
Let us be blunt: your home should be more than a storage room! We often lack space for all the
things we love or need at any given time, but we do not want to give them away either. Want to
store baby items for the next baby? Are you constantly shifting a steam cleaner that you only need
once or twice a year from one place to another? Do not let your home become a storage space –
take your belongings to a micro storage unit.

Storage for business supplies and goods
Business activities often involve merchandise and promotional products, fair and presentation
supplies, and other inventory (including Christmas decorations) that are not used on a daily basis.
Storing these in the office takes up too much valuable space, but it would not be sensible to rent
extra office space for that reason. A micro storage unit is the perfect solution. Micro storage units
are also indispensable when you receive a large quantity of goods at once that won’t all fit in a
conventional warehouse. Micro storage units are also useful if you run an online shop from your
home office and it is time to move the goods out of your home.

‘For people who have no experience of using it, a micro storage unit may seem too small. In reality, a
2–3 m 2 micro storage unit is surprisingly large and many a sceptic has had to admit that a micro
storage unit of this size is just right. The cost for the service may also seem high at first glance. If a
micro storage unit is only used for storing a bike, this may be the case, but as a rule we have more
things that need storing. If you choose the right size storage unit for the right purpose, whilst
bearing in mind that you will have a warm and secure warehouse that is open 24/7 and leaves more space in your home/office for living/working, then the price is very reasonable,’ Muttik explains
regarding misconceptions.