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Buyers of Luige Homes will be gifted a Hagen Bikes cargo bike

Cargo bike manufacturer Hagen Bikes and real estate developers Scandium Kinnisvara and Everaus Kinnisvara have entered into strategic cooperation to promote green mobility in Harju County.

As a result of the cooperation, new homebuyers of Luige Homes will be gifted an electric Hagen cargo bike. The special box fits two small children, but it can also be used to transport items or cart shopping bags home. Scandium and Everaus will gift every new buyer of Luige Homes an electric cargo bike based on the size of their family. Hagen manufactures bikes on custom order that fit up to four children.

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in Estonia, and Luige, which is only 7 km from Tallinn, is fully connected to the capital by a bike path.

Read more on the website (in Estonian).