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Energy class A apartments in the sought-after area of Keila

Everaus Kinnisvara has brought to the market energy class A apartments that are under
construction in the centre of Keila. The one- to three-bedroom apartments are suitable for both
families with children, as well as older people. Keila is well suited for people who enjoy both a city
lifestyle and a more nature-oriented lifestyle as a place for living.

Keila is a prestige living environment

‘The rule of thumb in real estate is location, which may sound like a cliché – however, location
obviously continues to be important for home buyers. This is why we are extremely selective about
location when planning our new developments,’ claims the CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara, Janar Muttik,
when introducing the new Keila development. ‘I knew little about Keila before we started developing
there, but as I have got to know the city better, I can confirm that Keila is a great place to live. Keila’s
residents are also very satisfied with the locality, which could be compared to, for example, Viimsi
and Rae,’ observes Muttik, referring to a satisfaction survey carried out last year.

Keila central square The landmark Keila church on Tuula road in the background PHOTO: Olimar Hinn

Keila’s geographical location and infrastructure make it a city with diverse opportunities. It is close to
Tallinn (25 km) and has excellent transport connections to the capital and also to the emerging
industrial city of Paldiski. The presence of a railway and a well-functioning and user-friendly electric
train service to both Tallinn and Paldiski is a major advantage.

Keila has an excellent network of green spaces, allowing light traffic commuters to travel from one
end of the city to the other along almost uninterrupted green corridors. An active and healthy
lifestyle is highly valued in Keila, which is why there are many sport and leisure facilities (fitness
tracks with different surfaces, athletics and football stadiums, a water centre, disc golf parks, hiking
trails, adventure parks, etc.). Niitvälja Golf Centre and Riding School are only 8 km from Keila and
Kloogarand beach and Laulasmaa surfing beach are 14 km away. Niitvälja and Kloogarand are also
accessible by train.

Keila has a good network of schools and kindergartens. There is also a Waldorf school and a
childcare. A wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities are available to encourage leisure activities.

‘On the one hand, Keila is a small town, which means that all strategically important places are close
to home. On the other hand, Keila is a metropolitan city with many opportunities – from the
presence of all major grocery stores to a water park,’ adds Muttik. ‘We have also described the
charms and opportunities of Keila extensively on our redevelopment website. I highly recommend
you visit the website to assure yourself that Keila is a great place to live.’

Distinctive energy-efficient homes

The apartment buildings to be developed on Tuula tee, a highly valued street in Keila, are
characterised by outstanding architecture and well-designed layouts, energy-efficient solutions and
premium-class interior finishes.

The exterior finishes of the buildings have been selected to blend in with the existing environment
whilst enriching it with modern architecture. ‘The four apartment buildings of Keila Home are
positioned in a north-south orientation to maximise the amount of sunlight reaching the living areas,
and all balconies and terraces face the sun. To break up the repeated pattern of the buildings, the
apartment buildings are angled in relation to each other. This arrangement encourages the creation
of interesting and open street areas and courtyards,’ says Kaspar Stroom, architect from Raadius
Arhitektid, who designed the apartment buildings together with architect Hanna-Loore Õunpuu.

These are near-zero energy buildings (energy class A) with solar panels on the roofs and individual
heat-recovery ventilation. The highest energy class ensures low maintenance costs.

View of the apartment buildings from the south PHOTO: Everaus Kinnisvara

There are no standard interior finishing packages specified by the developer at Keila Home. Instead,
there are a wide range of premium-class options to choose from and home buyers are free to select
the most suitable ones and to combine them to create a personalised home. For carefree entry,
home buyers can order kitchen units and window coverings, as well as other fixed furniture
(wardrobe cabinets, etc.) from the developer’s partners. Buyers are able to see samples of interior
finishes, furniture and window coverings in the developed showroom. Visit Everaus Kinnisvara’s
social media channels for inspiration.

The first two apartment buildings will be completed in the third quarter of 2022.

We sold the first apartments to early buyers before the public sale had even started. This is a clear
sign that our clients value our concept and Keila as a place to live. It is a true pleasure to see that,’
notes Muttik.