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Everaus Kinnisvara has successfully reached the milestone of topping out the Kindlusepealse Villas

On 13 December, the topping out ceremony of Kindlusepealse Villas took place in Järveküla. The new development offers comfortable and pleasant living environment, while also being energy-efficient and aesthetically beautiful. The first private houses and semi-detached houses will be completed in the summer of 2024.

According to Janar Muttik, CEO of the company, the premium developments of Everaus Kinnisvara are described by distinctive and aesthetic architecture, uncompromising quality, a high standard of comfort and economical utility systems. ‘The energy class A Kindlusepealse Villas have geothermal heating, heat recovery ventilation system and geothermal cooling, supported by solar panels,’ notes Muttik, giving an example. ‘All private houses and semi-detached houses are characterised by user comfort both indoors and outdoors. Individual electric car charging stations, smart home solutions, waste sorting systems, a fireplace in the living room and an ergonomic terrace bath are premium-class elements that appeal to homebuyers in the Järveküla development.’

Muttik adds that the foundation of a successful project, in addition to premium-class comforts, is also its location and the skilful integration of the development with the surrounding neighbourhood, thereby creating a cohesive whole and adding value to the living environment at large. ‘The location in a highly valued residential area, along with meticulously planned exterior and interior solutions, have strongly supported the sales success of the Kindlusepealse Villas. More than half of the development volume was already pre-sold before the construction began and today, the last private and semi-detached houses are available,’ Muttik states.

As is typical of Everaus Kinnisvara, Kindlusepealse Villas don’t have interior finishing packages specified by the developer. ‘Personalised homes are trendy, so in our developments, it’s the client, not us, who chooses their preferred interior finish from a diverse selection. As construction is soon reaching the interior finishing stage, new prospective buyers still have some time to have a say in the interior design of their homes. After the works have started, the developer’s interior designer will pick the interior finishing for the unsold homes,’ Muttik adds.

Kristi Märtin, a future homeowner who attended the topping out ceremony, says that their family picked the Kindlusepealse Villas development as their new home for many reasons. ‘A comfortable and spacious layout, quiet location and an experienced developer,’ claims Märtin, listing the reasons for purchasing. ‘Having four bedrooms was also important for us, as it enables all the children to have their own rooms. However, most of the houses on sale only have three bedrooms,’ remarked the Märtin family. Key features for them included the A-energy class, high-quality premium-class materials and amenities like solar panels, an electric car charger and geothermal cooling systems.

The new quarter in Järveküla will comprise eight villa-type private houses and three semi-detached houses with six houses. Kindlusepealse Villas will be completed in the summer of 2024.

Photos: Olimar Hinn