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Everaus Kinnisvara wishes you a wonderful Christmas season with your loved ones!

Christmas is a time for giving. This year, Everaus Kinnisvara decided to give up traditional Christmas presents and support the non-profit organisation Naerata Ometi with building materials.The materials will be used for renovating the homes of children with health issues and families in need.


Unfortunately, development and construction companies will inevitably have leftover building materials. Instead of storing intact high-quality interior finishing materials in our warehouse, we decided to donate them for renovating the homes of those in need. There are many families in Estonia where Christmas joy is overshadowed by health problems and worries about coping in everyday life. Every small contribution or donation will help ease the burden of those in need. Let’s do good together!


Watch the video to learn more about the actions of the non-profit organisation Naerata Ometi and how the building materials from Everaus Kinnisvara reached them. You can find more information about supporting the cause of Naerata Ometi at the end of the video or on their website.