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Everaus Kinnisvara’s portfolio only includes energy-efficient homes

According to the real estate portal, its visitors are particularly interested in homes
with lower utility costs – statistics show that people’s awareness is rising and that they apply energy
efficiency filters in their searches more than before. Everaus Kinnisvara’s new homes tick every box
in the energy efficiency filters, going beyond minimum requirements.

From 2020, energy class A (near-zero energy building) became mandatory for new apartment
buildings and small buildings over 220 m². The requirement for energy class B (low energy building)
for small buildings below 220 m² was maintained. ‘When we started developing private houses in
Uuesalu in 2015, people were surprised by our ambition to offer energy-efficient solutions in the
small housing market. However, investing in energy-efficient building materials and technology paid
off in every way, as customer interest and feedback was more than positive, and the project
received international acclaim and recognition’ notes Janar Muttik, CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara.

We are continuing with a similar ambition. Our portfolio only includes energy-efficient homes that
go beyond the minimum requirements, aiming for zero-energy. The new
developments Kindlusepealse villas (private houses and semi-detached houses) and Luige Homes
(terraced house type apartments) are energy class A+. As well as being energy-efficient and
technically sound buildings with renewable energy technology solutions, and having solar panels
installed on the roofs, these homes have geothermal heating, energy-efficient aluclad windows,
sustainable lighting, waste sorting solutions, and an electric car charging station or charging capacity.

‘Buying energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable real estate is the right choice because in
addition to the environment, it also values the individual by ensuring a healthy indoor climate and
saving on energy costs,’ explains Janar Muttik. He adds that it makes sense that investing in energy-
efficient real estate is also rationally profitable because the future value of such real estate is higher.