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Exclusive stock office for micro and small enterprises in Peetri, on the outskirts of Tallinn

In cooperation with NOBE, we are developing a commercial building in Peetri, on the outskirts of
Tallinn, which will include a stock office type rental space. No commercial space is available in the
area for micro and small enterprises that do not need a large warehouse, but who are looking for
optimally sized premises that could accommodate an office and a small stockroom, as well as a
showroom and small production facilities. This gap will be filled by the high-ceilinged (up to 4 m)
stock office type rental spaces of 58 m 2 on the first floor of the commercial building on the Reti tee,
which, according to Janar Muttik, EVERAUS Kinnisvara board member, is being developed with the
needs of micro and small enterprises in mind. What makes the commercial building on Reti tee in
Peetri district unique is its bold and distinctive design and the excellent location bordering a highly
valued residential and commercial area.

What is a stock office property?

Stock offices are a type of commercial property where all units of a company operate from the same
location. The office, showroom, warehouse and production facilities are all under a single roof.

Who is stock office property for?

The target audience depends on the size of the space. Generally, stock office space starts from a few
hundred square metres. The commercial building being developed on the outskirts of Tallinn, in
Peetri, is intended for micro and small enterprises which need space for storing goods or for
manufacturing, as well as for an office or a showroom, but do not require hundreds of square
metres. Given the target group, the Reti tee commercial building will have a stock office type rental
space of up to 58 m 2 (with ceilings up to 4 m high).

Demand for stock office type properties is driven by the rapid development of e-commerce, as
businesses that are able to deliver goods immediately and quickly are more successful. E-commerce growth is accelerated by the global crisis, but it is driven by changing consumption and purchasing
habits in the longer term. Selling through e-channels is becoming a standard trading practice.

Due to the global crisis, businesses are moving to e-channels. However, businesses are also
increasingly considering relocating from their existing retail facilities to premises with separate
entrances, preferably with direct street access and with opening hours that suit their needs. What
used to be irrelevant or insignificant is due to the crisis now a matter of survival and sustainability
for the businesses.

Why choose stock office space in a new commercial building?

94% of all companies operating in Estonia are micro and small enterprises, which due to a lack of
optimally sized office facilities, only have access to older buildings where office areas have been
created in an ad hoc fashion over time. In such buildings, the technical solutions are outdated and
the handling of customers and goods (including parking) is not born properly in mind. In the absence
of a suitable space, different units of the same enterprise are often in different locations. Having the
office in one place, sales and service in another and warehouse and production in yet another is
inconvenient for the employees and customers, and inefficient for the company.

The new stock office type commercial buildings are designed as multifunctional commercial spaces
and are designed in a holistic way, with no unnecessary corridors or superfluous corners. Every
square metre that is available is put to good use. Compared to old manufacturing and warehouse
spaces, the new stock office type spaces have a better location and look more presentable, meaning
that the office and showroom can be in the same place as the warehouse and manufacturing.
Another advantage in addition to their great location and presentable appearance is that the stock
office rental spaces on the first floor of the commercial building on Reti tee have the optimal size for
micro and small enterprises.

How can a stock office rental space benefit the entrepreneur?

When choosing a rental space, it is important to assess the overall cost, not just the rental cost.  A
stock office can yield significant savings on logistics, staffing, communication and running costs. The
new building is more energy-efficient, making running costs significantly lower. In a stock office type
space, the salesperson receives the customer, sells the goods, formalises the purchase and delivers
the goods to the customer, without the need for a separate transport or warehouse worker. With all
units and staff under a single roof, inter-unit transport and logistics are eliminated and telephone
and email communication and errors due to poor communication are reduced. By having an
immediate overview of the orders and access to the warehouse at all times, you can be confident
that the goods will be dispatched correctly and on time. The manager has a better overview of the
business and the need for middle managers is reduced.

As well as costs, the revenue generated from the business premises must also be assessed. A
commercial space is not just a place where a business operates. It is a factor that has a direct and
indirect impact on the company’s reputation. The most successful businesses are those that are in
the customer’s front line and can deliver goods quickly and immediately.

Combining cost-effectiveness with competitive advantage and growth potential, it is clear that a
stock office type rental space has nothing to lose, but much to gain.


  • New and well-appointed commercial building in Peetri, on the outskirts of Tallinn, bordering
    a sought-after residential and commercial area.
  • The commercial building is in a convenient location for commuters to and from the Tartu
    highway. The bus stop is 290 m from the building and in future there will be a tram stop not
    far from the building. The area is covered by a network of safe light traffic routes connecting
    the more densely populated areas of the region with each other and with Tallinn and other
    neighbouring areas. This means the building is easily accessible to pedestrians, bicycles and
  • The ground floor of the commercial building is dedicated to stock office type rental space,
    which is optimally sized and best suited for micro and small enterprises.  Each stock office
    space has a separate presentable entrance directly from the street, as well as a lift entrance
    to a warehouse in the rear of the building. A parking area is located in the backyard of the
  • Office space is on the second floor of the commercial building and guest apartments on the
    third floor.
  • The construction partner for the commercial building is the experienced and quality-
    oriented main contractor NOBE (
  • The commercial building will be completed in autumn 2020.