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Video: Jaak Roosaare was initially sceptical about mini-warehouses, but now uses one to store his books and personal items

Jaak Roosaare, who is an investor in Everaus Kinnisvara and the author of several books on how to get rich, was initially sceptical about mini-warehouses and did not believe that the service, which is popular in America, could find so much use among Estonians as well. However, Jaak soon found himself in a situation where he had to quickly find a place to store his books, so he decided to give a mini-warehouse a chance. Now, in addition to books, he uses the unit to store other things that previously took up too much space at home.

Mini-warehouses are perfect for both private individuals to store things such as seasonal and hobby supplies and for companies who want to put their presentation and sales materials or other items out of the way. Everaus mini-warehouses are 2–7.5 m2 in size, so everyone can find a storage unit in the size they need.