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Video: Keila Home – a home that starts further than at the front door

Keila Home offers a well-rounded living environment. The apartment buildings with outstanding architecture, a spacious layout, premium interior finish and energy efficiency class A have a landscaped outdoor area with ample seating and an abundant orchard and herb garden.

Keila, a small town with city-like opportunities, is a great place to live. It is a small town with plenty of greenery that values family, education and healthy lifestyles and has good transport links to Tallinn – the capital is accessible by a four-lane class I road and the railway station is just one kilometre from the apartment buildings. The town has several nursery schools, a secondary school, a swimming pool with a water park and all major grocery stores.

The Keila Home residential area feels like home and fosters a sense of community! More information on the apartments of Keila Home is available at: