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Everaus Kinnisvara elected to the board of the newly established Rae Business Association

On 24 May the Rae Association of Entrepreneurs was founded, with CEO and founder of Everaus Kinnisvara Janar Muttik included on its board. The goal of the Association of Entrepreneurs is to represent the common interests of the entrepreneurs of Rae rural municipality, to be a partner to the Rae rural municipality in the development of the rural municipality, to make the local business environment more business-friendly and to contribute to the development of activities that reduce environmental impacts.

Hannes Ojangu, Director of the Harju Economic Development Center (HEAK), was elected Chairman of the Board of the Rae Association of Entrepreneurs. ‘I am very pleased that companies in Rae rural municipality have come together. There is a long tradition of regional associations of companies or entrepreneurs. Regionally, they have formed both formal and informal associations. What matters here is perhaps not so much the form, but the willingness to work together on something other than everyday business.’ Ojangu sees great potential in the Rae Association of Entrepreneurs. ‘Rae rural municipality has more than three thousand companies, which is a very large number for an Estonian rural municipality, and it also has great potential. In fact, the question of why such an association has not been formed in the rural municipality has been asked for a long time. However, such initiatives don’t happen on their own, someone has to take the initiative to drive the process. We owe great thanks to Rae rural municipality for taking the initiative and introducing the idea to businesses.’

‘We decided to join the Rae Association of Entrepreneurs in order to promote the popularity of entrepreneurship together with other companies and to enhance cooperation between companies, and between companies and the rural municipality. As a relatively large employer in Rae rural municipality, we also feel a social responsibility to support the local community in the continued development of the region,’ said Urmas Uudemets, CEO of Via 3L OÜ. Janek Saareoks, CEO of AS Schenker, believes that the alliance should become the main channel of communication between businesses and the municipality. ‘The aim of the association is to change the business and living environment for the better and to contribute to the development of Rae rural municipality. The association is just what we need to create a vibrant and mutually beneficial partnership.

Urmas Uudemets adds that one of the main expectations is to promote Rae rural municipality as a favourable environment for entrepreneurship. ‘We already have the environment that attracts investment and big companies. The reorganisation of the public transport network in cooperation with the rural municipality, which would also meet the needs of the businesses operating there, is also high on the list of expectations.’

‘I hope that many other companies in Rae rural municipality will join this initiative and together we can do even more’, says Janek Seereoks, inviting all companies in the rural municipality to join the initiative.

The founders and members of the association are: Everaus Kinnisvara, Spot of Tallinn, Via 3L, AutoHalle Peetri, ABB, Harju Tarbijate Ühistu, ALTOS Teed OÜ, Harju Economic Development Center SA (HEAK), AS Schenker, CV Partner, Trafotek AS, NBFI Production OÜ, Radius Machining OÜ, AS TREF Nord.

Text origin: Rae rural municipality press release