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Everaus Kinnisvara supports the athletes of Rae in purchasing competition clothing

Foto: Rae valla SpordikeskusFoto: Rae valla SpordikeskusEveraus Kinnisvara highly values the activities of community organisations and their influence on the development of the region. For several years, we have been supporting the Rae municipality in purchasing competition clothes for athletes representing Rae.

The sports centre comprises six sports establishments located in school buildings in Jüri, Järveküla, Peetri, Lagedi, Vaida and Kindluse. The centre allows both young people and adults practise various sports activities. The training programmes include athletics, different dance classes, swimming and water aerobics, various martial arts, as well as several ball games such as indoor hockey, football and handball. More than 1,000 children of Rae municipality have received free sports shirts with the help of supporters, claims Indrek Raig, project manager of the Sports Centre of Rae municipality.

‘The main goal of our support project is to attract more local companies to sports – above all through young people, because Rae is the municipality with the youngest population in Estonia,’ Raig explains.‘We are planning to soon launch a series of inter-school competitions in the municipality, because children are very competitive and it is a great opportunity for cooperating with other companies in Rae.’

The team of Everaus Kinnisvara values an active lifestyle and considers it important to support the sports activities of children and young people. We are convinced that the sports journey of any talented young person should not be interrupted due to lack of resources. Therefore, we have decided to support the purchase of competition clothing for children and adults of Rae municipality in the coming year as well.

Foto: Rae valla SpordikeskusFoto: Rae valla Spordikeskus