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Home buyers expect more and more integrity from real estate developers: in addition to the interior spaces, the exterior space – the landscape surrounding the home – must also be thoughtfully designed. A complete and user-friendly living environment is becoming a new standard. ‘This is also what the local municipality expects from the developer,’ Raadius Arhitektid, Everaus Kinnisvara and Merko jointly note.

Architect Hanna-Loore Õunpuu from the company Raadius Arhitektid says that home buyers have started to value outdoor space more and more, and local municipalities have also become more demanding when it comes to outdoor areas. ‘These are positive developments that motivate developers and architects to invest in the areas between the buildings, even more so than before. While there were times when it was completely normal to see residential developments only consisting of so-called boxes on a field, then nowadays the importance of landscape architecture is growing. More and more high-quality spatial solutions and well-thought-out landscape architecture can be found around new buildings,’ Õunpuu claims.

Last month marked the opening of Keila Home apartment buildings with a landscaped outdoor area created with the help of Raadius Arhitektid. The area includes plenty of seating spaces, an abundant orchard and a communal herb garden. ‘The design of the outdoor areas of Keila Home was completed as a result of close and thoughtful cooperation between the developer, the local municipality and a team of architects and landscape designers,’ explains Õunpuu. ‘It was important for all parties that the landscape architecture complements the local public space and is suitable for the dignified location next to Keila Mihkli church. In addition, we considered it essential to connect the area with the existing and promising urban space of Keila, while providing the residents of the apartment building a sense of their personal courtyard.’

As a result, seating areas bordered with greenery were established between the main entrances of the buildings. A variety of high greenery was planted around the buildings, which also helps create privacy between the apartments. ‘We placed an orchard and a community garden in the sunnier southern parts of the outdoor areas. This gives the residents of the apartment building the opportunity to taste the fruits of their own land, quite literally. The final result is a diverse outdoor space around the houses of Keila Home. At the same time, it is closely connected to the public space and offers the residents a sense of community and privacy,’ Õunpuu believes.

A Keila Home is a complete living environment, where the home expands further than what is confined by the apartment door. New homeowners highly value the solution of carefully designed outdoor areas,’ says Janar Muttik, CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara – developer of Keila Home apartment buildings.‘A complete living environment contributes to a homely feeling and promotes a sense of community by bringing neighbours together in the outdoor area.’

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