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Preparatory work begins for the construction of Luige Homes

In the first week of December, preparatory works for the construction of Luige Homes quarter will begin in Luige small town. During the works, the area will be cleared of brush and rotten trees. The rainwater ditches and pond area will also be cleaned. Some of the trees that remain within the construction area will be replanted. Oak trees, which will be bordering the light traffic road to be built on Põllu street, will also be preserved.

Everaus Kinnisvara and Scandium Kinnisvara are developing a modern residential area of nearly 20 buildings in Luige. Most of the buildings are 2-storey residential buildings with four apartments. Additionally, two 3-storey apartment buildings will be built in the third stage of construction, as well as a low-rise community building with a nursery in the middle of the block. In the first week of December, preparatory works will begin on the land, during which the property will be prepared for construction activities.

Preparatory works cover the entire area of the quarter, which will be cleared of brush and fallen and rotten trees. Trees growing in rainwater ditches will be removed. The mature pines located in the areas of the planned roads will be preserved and replanted on the future public park land. The old pond area fringed with limestone will be cleaned and remodelled during the construction works.

Janar Muttik, CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara: ‘When preparing the area of Luige Homes, we try to make use of what’s already there as much as possible. The existing rainwater ditches will be cleaned and the small overgrown pond area will be tidied up. We want to preserve as much high greenery as possible in the quarter. Therefore, we will remove trees that are in the way of the road construction, replant them for the time of the construction, and bring them back to the quarter once it is finished.