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The construction of the residential complex of Luige Homes near Tallinn has started

The construction of a family-friendly residential complex has started in Luige, just outside Tallinn. Within 2 years, an area containing 20 buildings, including terraced houses, 2 apartment buildings and a childcare centre will be constructed. The area will have a total of 88 new homes. The developers are Everaus Kinnisvara and Scandium Kinnisvara.


 ‘Luige is developing rapidly. In autumn, the large Luige shopping centre together with cafes and a gym will open their doors; good sporting facilities for everyone are already available today. The future residents of Luige Homes have everything they need at hand. In addition, Tallinn is only 5 km away,’ said Janar Muttik, Chief Executive of Everaus Kinnisvara.

‘During the summer, we focused on the groundwork of the infrastructure. As we recently received the building permit, we are now able to start construction. The first homes will be completed during the upcoming summer,’ Muttik said.

The new Luige Homes area, in the immediate vicinity of Tallinn, will comprise 18 two-storey buildings, each with 4 terraced house type apartments that have private balconies and gardens. There will also be two small apartment buildings with a promenade between them, as well as a community house offering childcare.

Maido Lüiste, CEO of Scandium Kinnisvara: ‘The Luige Homes are well-suited for families who dream of a larger home, a private garden and a natural living environment, all while being near Tallinn. Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability play an important role here – when moving in, homeowners have functioning energy-efficient geothermal heating and solar panels on the roof. In addition, there is the ability to charge electric cars and a good connection with Tallinn, both via the light traffic road and in a few years, with Rail Baltic.’

The architects of the area are Olavi Kukk and Janar Blehner from Apex Arhitektuuribüroo. The interior architect is Lilia Kristianson.