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Everaus Kinnisvara launched the sales of the Kangru Home residential area near Tallinn

Everaus Kinnisvara has started selling the plots of the Kangru Home residential area, located in the small town of Luige in Kiili Municipality, on the outskirts of Tallinn. The exclusive development consists of 47 residential units, of which 10 private house properties are sold as plots and the rest of the development area is for private and terraced houses to be built by the developer. The development of Kangru Home includes spacious and large plots with tall greenery, where you can build a house that meets your desires or choose a suitable home from the projects offered by the developer.

‘The development of Kangru Home is characterised by unique, large and spacious plots with tall greenery, which are rather rare in the vicinity of Tallinn,’ says Janar Muttik, CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara when describing the new development project. ‘This is a valued location for people who want both privacy and to be close to the city. The tall trees and sounds of birds are just a 15 minute car drive from the city centre of Tallinn.’ There are 16 residential plots in the Kangru Home residential area which will be joined in the future by 31 terraced houses. ‘If we assume that the average household with children has 4 members, the residential area will be home to nearly 200 people,’ Muttik adds.

Private houses of Kangru Home

The residential plots of Kangru Home give future homeowners the freedom to create their dream home. ‘Clients can choose to build a house based on their own project,’ Janar Muttik says, ‘but as uniform design and visual solutions add value to the entire area, they can also purchase a built-up plot. It’s also no secret that the construction of a home is a complex and exhausting project for many, which makes purchasing a complete solution from a developer significantly more convenient.’ He also adds that clients of Kangru Home can choose between a single and two-storey house project.

While the residential plots can already be purchased, the sale of the terraced houses will begin at the end of 2024. If the area interests you and you want to make your home in the Kangru area earlier, know that the Kangru Home residential area is only a kilometre away from the Luige Homes residential area, which is developed in cooperation with Scandium Kinnisvara, and whose first houses will be completed in the first half of 2024. Luige Homes is a comprehensive living environment for adults and children alike: the heart of the area will feature a community house with childcare, a greenhouse for the green-thumbed, a bohemian pond area and a promenade for non-motorised transport with recreational pergolas.

The terraced-type houses of the Luige Homes development are characterised by energy class A with sustainable heating, which uses both geothermal heating and solar panels. Every house has four two-storey apartments and each apartment has a private garden to enjoy the outdoors.

Everaus Kinnisvara is an experienced and valued developer of comprehensive living environments – it has completed projects like the multi-award winning Uuesalu Home, Lagedi Home and Keila Home, and is currently building the Kindlusepealse Villa area and the Luige Homes area. The company’s portfolio has another 600 residential units waiting to be developed.

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