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Keila Home apartment buildings won first place in the competition Keila Beautiful Home 2023

The apartment buildings developed by Everaus Kinnisvara won first place in the competition Keila Beautiful Home 2023 held by the city of Keila in the category of terraced houses and apartment buildings. With the apartment buildings located on the culturally significant Tuula road, home expands further than what is confined by the apartment walls.

Our goal as developers was to enrich the area with a modern and whole living environment where the exterior space is just as important as the outstanding architecture and thoughtful planning. We wanted to construct a visually pleasing building that would be environmentally friendly and fit into the surrounding environment as well as to provide the residents with an environment that is close to nature, architecturally modern and nature-friendly.

We maintained the existing tall greenery as much as possible and added diversity by planting saplings that would suit the needs of the neighbourhood and the culturally significant area. Between the parking lot and the houses you will find pyramidal oak trees which, thanks to their low-starting crown, already create a barrier close to the ground . At the same time, the narrow-crowned trees also allow daylight to enter through the northern windows of the apartments and do not block the church from view. Between the houses, shadbushes and caraganas create privacy, and on the east side of the area you will find silver birches that create a barrier for the sheds on the adjacent plot.

The apartment buildings of Keila Home are unique because of the exterior space that, in addition to the previously described landscaping, consists of different roads lined with various shrubs between the buildings, sitting areas, bike storage, a mulch-covered playground on the west side of the area and a community garden where the residents can grow plants they like (herbs, vegetables, berries). It is a pleasure that already this year, some residents can pick the first peas or potatoes from their garden.

In addition to the outdoor space, the signs and general areas of the apartment buildings have also been designed aesthetically.

Congratulations, dear residents of Keila Home!

Cover photo: Keila city