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The Lagedi Home apartment building won the first place in the apartment building category of the home competition Beautiful Home 2023 of Rae parish.

The unique and stylish apartment building with 13 apartments located in Lagedi, by Pirita river, and developed by Everaus Kinnisvara, won first place in the home competition Beautiful Home 2023 held by Rae parish.

Our goal as a developer is to offer comprehensive solutions, which is why we are paying attention to the architecture of the buildings and making sure that their exterior and interior, in combination with the surrounding environment, forms a cohesive whole with a modern style. In addition to indoor areas, exterior spaces (terraces, balconies, outdoor areas) and the infrastructure that surrounds the building (roads, parking lots, fences, garbage disposal area, recreational and leisure areas) are also developed thoughtfully. During the development of the apartment building of Lagedi Kodu, the goal was to construct a visually pleasing building that would be environmentally friendly and fit into the surrounding environment. Also, the goal was to provide the residents with an environment that is close to nature, architecturally modern and nature-friendly. On the basis of this goal, we cleared the area of brush, filled the old sediment ponds and constructed a light traffic road that enables access to the river and the rest of the neighbourhood.

The apartment building has geothermal heating combined with solar panels, in order to achieve an even greener result. The exterior of the building has many wooden boards that are pleasing to the eye among summer greenery and during the cold winter. The layout of the rooms was planned according to cardinal directions and the views that the river and its surrounding nature provide.

To be in touch with nature, the building has an abundance of glass surfaces, terraces or balconies designed for each apartment as well as a landscaped outdoor area. The aesthetic whole makes it easy to appreciate the surrounding environment and for the neighbours to come together to maintain the beauty of the area and decorate their living spaces. It is good to see that the created whole is being appreciated and maintained both individually and collectively when designing the garden.

Congratulations, dear residents of Lagedi Home!