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Purchasing an energy class A home is more affordable than before – 0% home loan interest + 6-month Euribor

LHV and Swedbank launched long-awaited campaigns, which make purchasing an energy class A home more affordable than before. This is positive news for everyone looking for a home who has postponed buying or exchanging their home due to fear of large loan payments.

Energy class A refers to the most sustainable real estate whose buyers make a long-term investment by contributing to lower household costs. For buyers of such real estate, LHV is offering 0% interest + 6-month Euribor for the first year. The offer is for everyone who submits a loan application through the bank’s website no later than 31 May 2023. According to LHV, the goal is to encourage people to choose more energy-efficient homes and to motivate buyers to make the most sustainable choices even in more challenging times.

Swedbank is offering 0% interest + 6-month Euribor for the first 2 years to all clients purchasing energy class A real estate and who submit a loan application before 30 September 2023 and sign a contract before 30 November 2023. According to Swedbank, the special offer for the purchase of more energy-efficient housing is just one aspect of promoting a faster transition to more sustainable solutions alongside national support measures.

‘As the portfolio of Everaus Kinnisvara includes only energy class A homes, this is wonderful news for our clients,’ says Janar Muttik, CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara. ‘Although the rise of Euribor worries everyone, banks have not yet slowed down lending. However, it’s important to realise that the borrowing capacity of many clients has lowered and fear of larger loan payments due to Euribor has increased. In this context, it’s great news, which will certainly help many home seekers and allow them to keep their costs under control more comfortably in the first few years.’

Another positive factor Muttik points out is that the total amount of savings of private persons is currently at the highest it has ever been and people are interested in investing their money. ‘Savings help clients whose borrowing capacity has decreased unexpectedly and who now need more of their own funds to purchase real estate,’ Muttik says. ‘Savings combined with favourable home loan conditions provide a good base for clients who would otherwise be forced to abandon a potential real estate deal.’