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Video: Margus uses Everaus mini-warehouses almost every day

Renting mini-warehouses, which started in America, has been well received by Estonians, and the 2–7.5 m² storage units are used by both private individuals and companies – including Margus, who uses Everaus mini-warehouses almost every day.

The warm and secure storage units are perfect for storing seasonal and hobby supplies, and you have contactless access to your belongings 24/7. Our customers claim unanimously that renting a mini-warehouse is the most convenient and fastest solution to lack of space at home or in the office. Mini-warehouses are mostly used to store seasonal items, which are in the way for most of the year, be it bicycles, skis, hiking equipment, garden furniture, winter or summer tyres, Christmas decorations or company sales and presentation materials.

‘I signed a contract online, which was extremely quick and easy,’ says Margus, describing his experience with the mini-warehouse. ‘I immediately started to move my things into the unit, and there was quite a lot – I was wondering how they even fit in my home at all. Now I use the warehouse nearly every day to store things that I do not need all the time. For example, mountain skis, bicycles, gym and sports equipment and children’s items.’

If you are in the same situation as Margus where useful things no longer fit in your home, try Everaus mini-warehouses. It takes just a few minutes to sign a contract on your computer or smart device, after which you can immediately start using the storage unit. See the mini-warehouses at