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Relaxing quality time in Kindlusepealse Villas: future residents are welcomed with an ergonomic bathtub on the terrace of their home.

The construction of the private and semi-detached houses of the Kindlusepealse Villas will begin soon, and already by next spring the first lucky homeowners will be ready to move into their energy-efficient homes, which include all the amenities. This is a unique new development where a number of high-class amenities, from the cooling system to a fireplace, are already included in the price. Among other things, future residents will be greeted by an elegant terrace bath, which will be installed on the terrace of each home in collaboration with Lingalaid, an Estonian home spa manufacturer.

The first record of the terrace bath dates back to around the 13th century, during which time the Japanese were inspired by hot springs and the ancient tradition of relaxing in them. The SPRING terrace bath, which will be installed on the terraces of the Kindlusepealse Villas, is also named after these springs, since the terrace bath can be used both as a cool or hot spring, providing either refreshment or relaxation. Comfortable ergonomics, a bubble bath feature and lighting further enhance the therapeutic effects of the bath.

The handmade SPRING terrace bath is large enough to accommodate your whole family and share it with friends. The terrace bath, which includes a convenient electric heating system and an artificial leather thermal coating, can be used all year round – both on warm summer nights and snowy winter days.

‘We are united with the Lingalaid team by the desire to offer elegant design and excellent ease of use without compromising on quality, which is why we are extremely happy about the cooperation,’ said Janar Muttik, CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara. ‘In order to create home spas with elegant design and excellent ease of use, their development must be inspired by a passion for our creations and all the unforgettable experiences they have offered us. This is how we started – the good feeling we got while spending quality time made us wish we could share it with the world,’ added Geidi Alev, representative of Lingalaid, speaking about the company.

The terrace bath brings family and friends together in an activity that is both relaxing and healing for everyone – young and old – creating the feeling that the home and garden are the best places to be.